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Seriously Trying to Stop Drinking Haterade
July 21, 2008, 8:48 pm
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Okay well I surely can’t say what is the problem- could it be the heat- yes definitely- but it could also be the hate! LOL- yes sometimes I can be a hater. It is hard to see those gaining success unethically off my blood sweat and tears and then here I am still trying to make my dreams come true.

How can I combat this energy with a positive pulse– can I just tell my head- HEY HEAD SHUT UP-STOP HATING? Not usually. So, I started a blog today to dispel my thoughts of haterade. Maybe if I rant and rave online to the whoevers of the world, we will all feel better- sometimes knowing your not the only one drinking haterade helps! Maybe if I say “hey world, peace starts with me,” and I try to reconcile my bullshit in my own head and put it into a blog, then hopefully the proof will be that I can make a change in the way I feel about others success.

There is truth to the hate, and it stems from jealousy and regret– regret that I didnt do more to educate myself as a youth and jealuously for those who seemed to have gotten more opoorertunity or make it. Can you blame them- I mean NO- cause I know dummies that got up and started a business and made mucho dinero- but I also know educated drug addicts who dont do shit all day but lay at their mamas house. I mean I guess the truth is- dont look outside for what you need inside. Until you can find happiness in yourself, you will always be looking for the proof that you are good enoguh by comparing yourself to others.

Try to love yourself and believe in your abilities despite your regrets, your hate, your jealousy, or even the heat- I mean I met bloggers in Africa, so shut up- we can all get up if we have the pulse to stay positive. Its the hardest thing to accomplish, but the best thing you can do for you!

Stay positive and you will win the battle over the hate!

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word up! you’ve got raw honesty girl and i can really feel you on this one…

Comment by Melissa

My name’s Dan Winfield and I’m a positive guy

Comment by Dan Winfield

Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. keep working!

Comment by BigBan

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