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OMG- Positive Energy Gets You Famous Guys
July 23, 2008, 10:21 pm
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Yo friends, foes, and fam- I was just outside at work and I met Terrance Howard. Okay okay I wasn’t really just outside and met him. My boy at the office Jacob said “Yo E, Terrance Howard is outside talking to people!” I was like OMG- Jacob if I go out there and you are lying I’m coming back here with an iron boot for yo’ izass. He laughed.

I ran off excitedly and went out-front of the building and sure enough there was my prince, king, future husband, and just all around hot actor- soon to be singer. So, I was overwhelmed with excitement, but since he was talking to other people I refrained from throwing myself at him. Surely he saw me and we made complete and total eye contact – hey bitches, as brief as it was, its better than you can say- so then… So then I stood there some more and formulated a plan. Now for my peeps who know me, they know I am quick with the plans.

So- I jumped on the phone with my girl and was like are you almost here- I’m waiting out front and I’m ready for lunch. Okay- so I PRETENDED- or faked the call! LAMO, but who the hell cares- it worked. Okay, well I don’t know if it worked, but it sure bought me some time. So I made more eye contact with him. Then I saw people coming into my building who I knew. Now mind you, for all those peeps who are reading my blog and don’t know me, my office is in NYC, so around lunch time, everyone in the office is going to fetch some eats- well those like Ye*t*o (lets leave it at that for the sake of not putting my work brother on front street online) with phat pockets anyway ;).

So even though this one guy I work with who’s all butt hurt about the quarter I won off him tried to kick me, it STILL didn’t fuck up E’s game. There surely was a few people corralled around my future husband, and they were interviewing him and asking him what his next movie will be (FYI: He said Ironman 2 so look for it). Anyway, they were asking him questions about his forthcoming album- soon to be titled “How I Met E!” (Hahhahahahh- I am fu**ing funny sometimes).

Okay so now here goes the good stuff. The interviewers wrap it up- finally within the 7 minutes of me standing there gushing with glee. Now, oh yeah, while they were interviewing I was searching for the picture I took of Terrance after his Broadway debut in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (my all time favorite movie with Liz Taylor). So when I was at the play I never got to get a pic with him, just his autograph on my play bill. But this one bitch got 2 pics with him- greedy Byyyyitch (wait who knew if you Google Bitch there is a Magazine called Bitch Magazine-LOL). Anyway, I found it and had it ready just in case- because like I said E always has a plan. So, next step- hes done with the interview, and shaking hands with the pee-ons when suddenly he comes my way to shake my hand too.

OMG– can I just say how excited I was. So now your girl is ready! I said “Hi Terrance, I saw you on a Cat On A Hot Tin Roof on Broadway and I absolutely loved your performance… See here is a picture of you with another girl- so do you think I can get a picture with you too?” I actually made Terrance Howard laugh ladies and gentleman- and cordially, cause hes not like rude ass Jamie Fox, he responded “Of course!” So here it is E and her future man Terrance Howard. Now call me crazy, but isn’t it true that when a man touches a woman in Native cultures, that means she is officially his wife??? Ummm…. okay okay, maybe not, but hell- look he touched my shoulder.

Terrance Howard- my future hubby

Terrance Howard- my future hubby

All in all, my day was great and productive, got lots of work done, and the phone battery is officially on the way from T-Mobile so I can upload the party pixx for all you that are just dying to see them. 🙂

Stay blessed- stay positive and maybe, just maybe you’ll be as lucky as me and meet some famous dude, or dudette as a result! Love is love!

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E this is so funny- you are a riot. Can’t wait to see what positive vibes can do for me. Any suggestions on how to get famous people to my office in Nebraska?

Comment by Marcus

thanks for sending me the photo (with your face in it) directly to my phone….i feel special.

Comment by Melissa

Dude you ARE SO LUCKY! I am so envious, but its all positive pulses of envy. Keep having fun and I will too. Love is def felt girl!

Comment by Lindsay

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