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WNBA Brawl- Not so Nice Ladies
July 24, 2008, 4:10 am
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Wellowellowell… for all you boys out there who cant stand the WNBA, heres one reason to love it for the first time- WOMEN BRAWLING. The LA Sparks really let sparks fly this night. Check it out here at ESPN. The Detroit Shocks definitely shocked people in this game. Now since this is the blog for positive people, you have to ask, what does E make of this- well I say- FIGHT that B. No no no hold on, thats the old me talkin’!

The new me would say this- women despite our frustrations with each other, and situation and circumstance, we must always remain posie and determined in order to achieve the means to our end. We have to handle our anger with a positive attitude, even if it means setting aside our pride. Now, I gotta love my LA WNBA girls, since I’m born and raised a Cali girl, but really though, the Sparks did do the Shock pretty dirty.

Stay positive despite all anger if you wanna be a “Woman of Tomorrow(tm)!”

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WOW- that is pretty wicked. Even the coach pushed the chick- I bet thats how she blew out her other knee. Thanks for sharing- now Im watching some WNBA! LOL, MAYBE 😦

Comment by Brockett

The coaches, Bill Laimbeer and Michael Cooper were former NBA players. Laimbeer was a dirty player and Cooper was a deceiving cheap-shot.

I, on the other hand, am not a dirty player- I’m a nice guy with leathery skin and a wholesome family.

Comment by Dan Winfield

That was ugly. Still, I can’t help watchin’ it over and over on youtube 😉

Comment by Julien

That is super fierce- love when cats fight. GRWALLLL!

Comment by Interior Design Dude

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