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“Stop the Madness!”- thats what my girl Miss M would say
July 25, 2008, 5:02 am
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So these two fools can’t seriously think I care about this *hit- well dammit, I do

I have been settling for so long with the ill treatment by this person, and the crazy shit about it is every time we fight, then I rid the negative vibes and thoughts about this person and their issues from my life and the desire to assist them in getting better or help themselves (co-dependence behaviors?), I see positive results increase in my own life. Proven time and again, it seems that I attract new, healthier people and create stronger friendship networks with more positive and motivated like-minded people. But heres the question- how did my friendship with this person get so out of control- and last so long? Perhaps we are both too loyal- Yes- thats how, or is it!?! Just FYI: Libra and Sagittarius females are loyal.

My friendship with someone I care very much for, 13 years, has been in a real decline over the past few years. The friendship, although there has been some good, has seen many mud-slinging arguments that really date back much further- mostly after this person went through some serious stuff and I tried to the best of my flawed human ability to show them support. But here’s the thing- just because you’ve been homies with someone for a long time doesn’t mean you two are a good fit anymore, or healthy for each other. Sometimes, one of you takes the high road and changes their life and sometimes the other one accepts life and doesn’t take any road at all. What happens to the friendship then, you ask?


Well obviously you try to be a good friend anyway, right? Yes, of course, but correct me if I’m wrong- isn’t a friendship a mutual exchange– like we give and get from each other or there is some kind of mutual benefit we gain from the relationship. Here is the way I see it- correct me if this is far off from how you see friendships– One person gives to another person some love and that other person reciprocates with love, and if they don’t that is not an equal, or beneficial friendship, but if they do- the love grows. Of course, this “love” can be exchanged in many different formats- emotion, monetary, etc.

Look I’m not dumb- maybe blind– but not dumb- everyone fights sometimes, and sometimes people aren’t perfect, but it seems nobody is perfect, accept Webster- the dictionary guy ;). Anyway, since that is the reality, we do learn to accpet certain shit (a.k.a each others flaws) about people whom we love; shit that we would not accpet from people we don’t love. So if I love Eddy cause shes my tight homie, although we have history that makes us argue, but we love each other (plutonically :)), then why can’t I be cool with Betty and he and I not let that bullshit related to my history with Eddy affect our potential friendship? It is because when people that don’t know you see you act in a certain way toward other people- “behavior”- then they judge you? And then based on that judgment(s) they treat you accordingly? HMMMM!?!?!

I honestly can’t tell you why people move apart, but I can tell you that fighting and the blame game sucks, moreover it drains you of all your positive energy that you could be used on something else. The result is called static. I am just too old to worry about static, in any form; from gossip, to ‘he said she said,’ and on down to people who are just out for themselves, their own benefit, not the benefit of the whole. I am all about sustainability- no judgments, just living life.

It seems clear the difference between me and Eddy is that she is too worried about gain- the worlds problem- so I can’t blame her. In addtion the two of them, Eddy and Betty as they refer to each other (must be their evil sides way of communicating- mwahhahahha), do much face work to protect their image, which is the reason I believe they are so reluctant to admit when they are wrong, or at fault, or using a person like me. I see myself as a human just trying to move life in a positive direction- boy its hard and you need support in your circle to stay positive- like I said, nobody is perfect! So in effect I am reacting to their bullshit and abuse cause in my heart, I know they are not genuine friends, even though I wish they were. By the way kids, it’s okay to admit when your wrong.

Point is my positive people– don’t let yourself be fooled by those types of people, like Eddy and Betty who talk to you and kick it with you, but they are not always your “real” friend- sometimes they are just using you because they are lost. Do not get lost with them! Stay found- don’t get taken off your path for anything negative, no matter how much it looks like love. Believe in your heart- its the guide to the soul!

Stay positive always and positivity will persevere- too bad ya’ll two are too busy trying to perfect perfection, cause your missing out on reality, so as my real home girl Les would say, “Stop the Madness!

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Damb E- who hurt you. Hope that you are just venting and not to upset- call me if you want a friend cause u know Im genuine. We always have fun and the love is real.

Stay fab- f them b’s!

Comment by Megan

First of all, I totally understand what you are trying to say E.

Secondly, were you twisted when you wrote this cause its very long. hahahaha- write something about people with short attention spans next time K.

See you Sunday at Tracys BBQ and I will be sure to give you mucho love. 🙂

Comment by Scott

Yeah well you have to realize nobodys perfect!

Comment by Listen Fool

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