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Top 3 Worst Favors Friends Are Expected to Do

After a chat with a co-worker of mine regarding his shi**y weekend, I said “Well why was it shi**y?” and he said “…because I had to help my girlfriends sister move!” Now, many of us know that moving in New York City during the humid summer month of July totally sucks, but to have to move someone else as a favor, is the WORST. This conversation made me realize that I need to exploit the three worst favors and flesh out why they are so terrible and imposing on friends.

Trust me, friends and folks, before you read on, do realize that I am both a favor asker, and a favor doer, so I am not a hater just because I want to speak the truth on the worst favors ever- these views and opinions are purely subjective to the favor in question, not my personal opinion, so don’t hate!

Top 3 Worst Favors Ever

3) Airport Drops and Pick Ups for Friends

Airport drop-offs require a payment in gas money

Airport drop-offs require a payment in gas money

WHY: Because your always asking your friend to get up early at some insane time and then expecting them to drop you off without a little toke, or some cash. Damb fools, they paid the toll, they got up early, and you didn’t give any gas money even though you asked if you should. You don’t ask if I want gas money, you just give it- LAMO! Finally, the worst part about airport drop-off favors, is that the person always thinks your available to pick them up too, like just because you dropped them off, you now have to pick them up. Hey friend, X that idea right out. I did my part- now get a new recruit to pick you up!

2) Helping Friends Move

Wow- this guy needs to ease of helping friends move!

Wow- this guy needs to ease up on helping friends move!

WHY: Well if I had biceps like that guy, then hell- I would move you without a hitch, but here’s the thing- MOST OF US DON’T. Just because you have to move, doesn’t mean I have to make time to help you. Just because we are friends doesn’t mean that I am your indentured favor provider. Furthermore, in all honesty, since you live in a 6 flight walk up, why don’t you do all of us a favor and just hire some people to help you move. I know just where to find you a good crew- typically hanging on the corner in large hordes waiting for work. Really, if moving you in the summer heat is something I owe you because were friends, then I am going to have to start rethinking our friendship because moving a friend is one of the worst favors ever. Thanks to all who’ve helped me move, and to those of you I helped moved, shut up if you think I didn’t do enough. Given the severity of this type of favor, your lucky I even helped- I have a job!

1) Lending money to a friend

Positive Pulse does not promote violence- So don't lend money!

Positive Pulse does not promote violence- So don't lend money!

WHY: Typically lending money to friends is a nice thing to do, and you should not be discouraged to do it, but if you decide to lend money, even to a good friend, BEWARE that it may lead to one of the biggest fights you two ever have. Lending money to friend is one of the worst favors ever when it ends badly because everyone ends up really pissed off. I remember a time I lent a friend, a good girl friend, some money to buy her Aunt a birthday gift. I used my credit card to do it because she couldn’t use hers, since it was her Aunt paying the cards bill. Anyway, it turns out she got the flowers to her Aunt on time, but of course when it came time to pay up- she did not pay me back without me having to ask. It was one month before I said “Hey, can I get that money for the gift I bought for your Aunt.” When it came time to ante up all hell broke loose. The thing is- I still didn’t learn my lesson and loaned this person money after that, thinking I was being nice or the bigger person, and guess what- I got sh*t on again. Lesson is now learned and lending money is totally out of the question for this person. Here are some rules for how to effectively win a fight over money!

All in all, these 3 favors are really nice to do and will make you the most valuable friend ever if you are rightly appreciated for them, but if you are not, then they can end up being 3 of the worst favors to ever do. Think about why you are doing the favor, if the person deserves the favor and what kind of impact the favor will have on your health and well-being if you decide to move forward and lend a helping hand. I am all for helping people, but not if is compromises my positive mind.

Stay peaceful, and make decisions that are good for you first and everyone, even your favorless friend, will be okay!

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This is so truthful- you speak the truth my dear!

I hate picking people up from the airport too cause its always crazy late and everyone and their mother is going to the airport. I mean if you live in a small city, it may not be as bad, but in our city, NYC area, its always bad.

Dude- no lending money- that is a friend to friend golden rule. Stay blessed E!

Comment by Design Trend Setter

When I saw the title of this I thought “I hope it says saomething about the airport.” Being that I live in Queens, everyone thinks I should be the taxi lady when they come to NYC or leave NYC. No one ever gives me gas money. I am so sick of this and refuse alot of the time now.


Comment by Trixie

I have helped one of my girlfriends move over 5 times (no joke!) and she has NEVER ever helped me…I’m done!

Comment by Melissa

You so funny.

Comment by Coworker that had a crappy weekend

It’s good to help people. What’s even better is fucking people over, after they help you. For example my son owns a company and had this guy work for him. He worked SO hard for him his hair started turning gray! He never took vacation and worked super-long hours, bringing my son’s business lots of revenue. So how did my son repay this hard-working employee? He fired him without warning!

Now that’s the right favor to extend!

Comment by Dan Winfield

this is sooo true!!! i’ve been there plenty of times and i agree those are the worst three favors a friend could ask!!!

Comment by Lil mamas

Would I be negative if I pointed out that the more people are likely to ask huge favors, the less likely they are to return the same favor?

Comment by diane gordon

This is SO true! I’ve had the worst experiences lending friends money. I need to start a new NO LENDING policy. I already stopped lending clothes, cooking vessles or tools to friends because they always forget they borrowed it and you never get you stuff back. SMH!

Comment by mightyjunebugg

So lazy…and selfish…

This is why you dont have muscles you lazy moron.

And..who wants a friend like you…always complaining vs wanting to help and organizing it with a such stupidity..

Cant you see if someone is in trouble…where is your heart.

Who needs you ….go back to the couch and watch t.v.

Comment by tell the truth

p.s.s Idiot , this is not positive !

Comment by tell the truth

i um… told these girls who my best friends crushes were um… do yall guys now how i can make it up to him so he could foregive me.

Comment by mss

plz reply someone plz tell me

Comment by mss

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