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Nielsen Company Monopoly Over Reports NPR News

Many marketing and advertising professionals are licking their chops when they hear that television is going digital starting in Feb 2009, but many people of the USA may not yet know the exact implications of a move like this, other than they may have to buy a new TV or move to a cable provider if they don’t upgrade. For those of you who are too simple to know whats behind all that TV switching; it is big advertising dollars!

I was doing some research on how TV ratings companies could be effected because as cable provides start to gain more a larger opportunity to collect market data from their subscribers viewing habits. The digital cable providers also gain greater access and control over information desired by advertisers in order for them to gain vital viewing habits and related demographic information to help enhnace product innovation, and strategies to better target their ideal markets for delivery.

To date many companies and corporations have relied on Nielsen for this data, but according to this great Radio expose by NPR news, their days are numbered. Here is a short list of facts from the expose:

  1. NPR says Nielsen uses older tracking devices to collect data
  2. NPR says that Nielsen does not have data for more than 12K homes which is a fraction of the TV watching population
  3. NPR interviews a industry professional, Tracy Shappock with StarCom, who states that Nielsen data may be skewed to the point that it may be costing viewers some of their favorite pilot shows.
  4. Nielsen’s ratings hold the key to $70 billion in TV advertising.
  5. Google is eager to begin presenting advertisements on television, partnering with EchoStar (DISH) and Nielsen NetRatings to target and serve the end user.

To learn more- check out the NPR expose. Look, even TNS and TNA, or Google, is getting involved to complete against this once know monopoly. No matter what the outcome, the monopoly is over- I been trying to tell ya’ll- it’s time to go public!

Stay positive and worry free now, because conciseness breeds innovation!

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