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Preparing for Hawaii- Trip Tips For Flying to Paradise

Hey Ya’ll- I am working hard to get ready to bust out of the busy culture of New York City, and head to the peaceful nature of Hawaii. I’m going to see my tight ass homie The Hate, a.k.a Mr. LaBenz. I can’t wait- we are going to have so much fun! I will be staying at his place with his cousin. He and I are going to do lots of exciting and adventurous stuff while together, as he is originally from Oahu, Hawaii. For example, I got new hiking boots to climb this crazy mountain.

Diamond Head Mountain- Oahu Hawaii

Diamond Head Mountain- Oahu Hawaii

I am very excited to being my peaceful paradise trip, but of course there is a lot to prepare for. First off, do you all know the requirements from the TSA for flying with liquids? They are very strict these days- as Ms. Edwards said, “its these liquid restrictions that make flying like a project, not a pleasure anymore.”
Nevertheless I have bought a great little back that suits these requirements, because I am carrying on my luggage this time- f that! Last time I flew with US Airways, they lost my luggage, and then when they finally delivered it, most of my new clothes and gifts for friends, along with all my perfumes and Gucci shades, were missing. SO, they paid me back for everything, and gave me a discount ticket voucher- so this is why I am flying first class back from Hawaii.
In addition to packing the right clothes for hiking, swimming and tanning, I will also need a high potency bug juice- anybody got any suggestions? I heard that Deet in the juice is a good idea. Mr. Labenz said I can just get the stuff in Hawaii, so maybe I’ll take his advice. I can’t wait to see you Hate! We should have so much fun. Can’t wait to see some Paca Lolo. Can’t wait to tour the Hawaii Coffee Company’s factory.

Avis Mustang Rental- Hope is a Shleby or a Free Jeep Wrangler Upgrade

Avis Mustang Rental- Hope is a Shelby or a Free Jeep Wrangler Upgrade

And surely can’t wait to drive the Mustang I rented using my Avis preferred member discount, one of the minor perks of my corporate job. 😉 My friends know that when I go on vacation, I usually rent a luxury vehicle, but this time I want a durable drop top- so either the Mustang, or an upgrade to the new Jeep Wrangler. The Avis guy told me that since I’m preferred, I can just ask fr the upgrade when I get to the airport and everything should be kosher- they will upgrade for free if there’s a Jeep in the garage.

Well, finally I have work to wrap up and that is a heavy handed gig. I also have to interview some candidate for the copy writing/SEO position I have open. Its a shame my girl and I can’t act like adults so I can just hire her. There are so many projects that I can really make successful, but it would be great to have an experience writer on board to help make sure everything is A plus. In addition to the corporate work, I have consulting work for some of my friends, and partners. These projects are really exciting, but after schlepping to NYC 5 days a week, I get home at night just wanting to launch and kick my feet up- and swim of course. Oh well, everything is blessed, so I am positive and excited to wrap up these projects before I head to paradise.

Finally, I am waiting for Mr. Labenz to get back to me regarding the suggestion that I take he and I on this really dope boat trip at sunset so we can wine and dine.

Imagnie a sunset booze curise in Hawaii on this water plane!

Imagine a sunset booze cruise in Hawaii on this water plane!

Since he is letting me stay with him for no cost, because that’s a favor friends can do and its not one of the 3 worst favors, I want to do something nice for him in return. Check out the boat, its called a water plane, or SWATH- Small Water-plane Area Twin Hull design. Okay so what tips can I offer those of you who are preparing to fly to Hawaii:
  1. Bring lots of light clothes because its hot down there!
  2. Bring Bug Juice if you plan on heading into the mountains.
  3. Bring TSA approved liquid cases if you plan to carry on your luggage.
  4. Bring a sturdy, yet light pair of hiking boots if you are hiking any trails.
  5. Bring a positive attitude so only relaxation and rejuvenation can come of your paradise vacation.

Stay motivated, and get your life organized so when the time is right you can fly to paradise- love is love!

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Wow- looks like you are about to have a good time. Rest up!

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