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Updates from Paradise- Miss me?
August 14, 2008, 5:45 pm
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Well I absolutely love Hawaii, and Oahu is the place to be. So I caught my plane out of NYC on time. Got to ride to Arizona is tighter than tight coach, then Benny the cool Bus Intell guy allowed me to sit near him where they were hiding all the leg room. Anyway, from Arizona to Oahu was 6 grueling hours, but we talked, Benny and I, and that helped pass a lot of time. When we flew over Oahu it hit me that I was finally here.


So I went to get my rental car and it was not a Mustang, but a Mini PT Cruiser- WHAT!!!! Hell No… So I went to the Avis Preferred member counter- yes thats right folks, due to my corporate job, the one cool perk I managed to receive was the Avis preferred membership- LOL. Anyway, so as a result of the Mustang being out of sock, they gave me the Jeep Wrangler, which I wanted from jump anyway. SOOOOO, off I went- to Oahu. When I started driving to meet Kyle in Waikiki, I couldn’t find my way, so I called Kyle. He was “the Hate” in all his glory- totally irrational and not helpful with directions. So instead I just got lost and unlost all on my own.

Finally made it to his work, and then got the fun run. We went back to his place so I could drop off my stuff and now Im here. Its been 4 days and I have really red skin to show for it. I’ve been managing to tan topless without getting to insecure- Lisa M told me its worth it when you don’t know anyone and boy was she right. So I like to lay out and swim at Diamond Head. I also went to the North Shore, and the Leeward side, near Pearl Harbor. I went hiking in the woods on the Windward side the other day, up to Mauilala Trail to the Falls, and pool below. I jumped of the rock- it was awesome- kinda scary and hellah water went up my nose- but awesome nonetheless.

I have been focused on healing my heart Chakra since I got here. In order to achieve this I have bought sage and cedar, rose quartz in the shape of a heart and used prayers and meditation to my advantage. I have been drinking very little alcohol, although we did go on the Navatek 1 boat dinner cruise last night and got pretty tossed- within reason, but I was feeling really good. Tons of pixx are on the way and film footage of the hike. Many many many flowers have been plucked from the ground into my hair. I love the smells in the air too.

Today I will be heading out to deep sea swim on Kyles pals Catamaran. We have to go early so Kyle can get to work on time. After we do that I’ll be headed up into the mountains again for more hiking and hopefully to discover another waterfall trail. For now, Im headed to Sam Chey’s for a breakfast Crepe (Strawberry and Banana) and a Papaya, with lime- YUMMMMMM!!! You’d think there would be more fruit stands around, or more authentic Hawaiian food restaurants, but believe me when I say I’ve asked people “Where do I get a good authentic breakfast,” and the locals commonly respond- “McDonalds!” EWWWWEEE…. if they came to New York I could tell them like 5 places and how to get to each one, but here they say McDonalds and don’t know how to get anyplace- so be sure to buy a map like I did. I must admit however, Willy, whom I me at Rainbow drive in- eating a LocoMoco- gave me some really good guidance- thanks Willy!

Well, that’s the informal trip update. It is OFFICIAL however that each and every day here has been a vacation, but you know your girl; she always has a background business deal developing, so no time is ever really wasted. I am working on getting myself back West, so thanks to Chris I may just get that big break. I am also working on closing a 10K deal where all I do is consult. How good is life? Well, its as good as you think it is. For me, life is better than I think! 😉

Stay positive in heart and mind, and life will surely “shell” out your rewards!

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You’re blogging from Hawaii….how cool are you? Ummm yea I’ve been bored at work without you there!

Comment by Brandi

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