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3 Positive Attitude Tips For Everyone Involved

She said: What do you mean there is perfectly good broccoli for dinner?!!?!!

How difficult is it to think positive when your spouse or mother gets home at the end of a long day steaming with anger. I’d say, its pretty difficult! Here are Positive Attitude Tips that will lead you to a better place. With these tips you and everyone involved will be much better off.


When your spouse or mother, friend or lover gets home from a long day and seems to be P.O-ed, you need to suggest they have some cool juice, or refreshing beverage to help cool their chest. Also offer either a hot, or cold hand towel to wipe their face and neck. Remind the, or yourself, that it was a long day and a moment to cool off should provide them relief and ability to come back to a positive place. Surely you didn’t do the dishes, or maybe you even made perfectly good broccoli for dinner, but the fact remains, they just want something to help them release all the steam generated from a long day in the hard world of the working wo/man. So, if you/they can’t take a dip in the cool water or warm spa during the work day, between 2 and 4PM, then I suggest everyone use this Positive Attitude tip.


Do you ever worry? When you worry, is it hard to think positive? Sure it is! So change your frame of mind from dead weight of negative thoughts like “Gosh I wish I didn’t get myself into this,” or “How do I get myself out of this”, and boost it with the moving power of positive thinking. Thoughts can change attitudes, if you think negative, your attitude follows, and with that your energy attracts those who are often in a similar mind frame. If you can enhance your thoughts from something harmful, to something healing and have a ten times better outcome with little to no effort, then you should agree that the road to positive thinking is worth it. I do, and I’ve seen it work. So, use tip number two, and think positive to change your attitude, and you will end up better off for yourself and your circumstance


Well folks- its simple. Eat Ital foods- foods from the earth and free of chemicals. Our attitude is governed by the energy we have, and when we eat foods that have vitamins and natural minerals, our body and our attitude can gain positive benefits. Of course you can sneak out for a McDonald’s burger every so often, you can even eat a burger every day if you take proper care of yourself in other ways. Moderation is the key to good eating habits, but surely Ital food is the key to a positive attitude

So in sum: When you stay cool, calm and Ital- you remain in the spirit of healing and positive thought!

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Wow- simple and concise positive attitude advice. I searched Google to find some advice, and this was great. I do drink a lot of soda, so many all that unnatural sugar all day f__s me up. Anyway, now i feel calmer and cooler, so thanks.

– Brad

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