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How to Start a Blog- Begin Blogging Your Story Today

Have you been asking yourself “How do I start a blog,” but thought it might be too complex or technical for you to set-up? Well, let me just tell you some blogs are FREE, and you do not have to be a geek to start a blog. Here are three easy steps to set up your very own FREE blog:

How to start your blog – Step 1: Begin by going to, or CLICK on SIGN UP. Once you signed up, start customizing the look and feel of your blog. You can easily choose the default color themes from pre-set Word Press templates; I choose that Grass theme for my blog! For me, the grass looks so sustainable. Now think of what color reflects you, and simply choose that template style. Guess what, you do not have to commit- you can play with the templates until you are happy.

How to start your blog – Step 2: The big idea! Whats yours? Okay, so to clarify- what is it you want to blog about. What do you want to use the blog for. Here are some examples of other folks ideas to help you sort out your objective for your blog. One friend I have loves politics, so the blog is all about what is happening in politics and how that affects his New York City community at the grassroots level. Another friend loves to cook gourmet food, but wants the blog to be focused strictly on cooking healthy and organic baked goods. Her blog reveals the organic recipes used to keep calories down and flavors up. Finally, I use my blog to communicate positive thoughts, experiences and ideas to my friends, family, and you- the world wide web. SO, again I ask- What is the goal of your blog?

How to start your blog- Step 3: Don’t bail out on your blog- its un-American. No- just kidding. It is just not a good idea after you got so far. Get into it- tell the world how you feel about whatever it is your passion is about. My passion is to help heal minds with words of positive encouragement. If you do not blog everyday, thats okay do not apologize for being long gone from your post at the blog, but be sure you don’t give up. Begin your blog today Dudes and Dudettes!

After your up and blogging, and ready to make an effort to promote your blog, heres a few advanced blogging tips and tricks to help you have that “network effect“:

– Use your power of conversation to go out onto the Internet and find blogs that are similar to yours. Start posting comments and join the conversation. As a result you can put your name and blog URL into the comment field. Before you post a comment, be sure to Input your name and the blog URL, so people can link to you. The result gives your blog more exposure to other readers on the web. Take that blog comment a step further and use a word you want your blog to be searched for on Google. Instead of using your name, and URL, use a word- a keyword. For example, instead of using my name, I use the words “Positive Attitude.” This helps my blog get found in Google for positive attitude- MAYBE not right away, but in the long run.

– If you want your blog to get found by more people, join You can tag your blog, and people can Stumble it. if your blog is found popular by the stumbling community, you will really get a lot of traffic. As a user of, and for the “free blog” traffic, you should totally make friends and traffic other users blogs. Be a good social network user- join the conversation and help create that “network effect.”

– Finally, tell your friends, tell your friends, tell your friends. Invest in yourself, tell your friends. If you want to have a true viral effect, be sure to spread the word. I can give you hard factual numbers of how that worked for me. On the second or third blog post of this site, I decided I had said enough to make my blog worth trafficking- so I told my friends and they told their friends and the “network effect” began. That day my traffic spiked. In July, the first month of blogging, my traffic reached almost 1000 visitors. On that day I told my friends about the blog -all via text message, AIM or email by the way- the traffic reached 202 visits. That means that every person I told mentioned it to at least 2 people who told 2 people, because I told about 25 people. Let me get a screen shot:

Post great blogs and get traffic- tell your friends, and increase traffic

Post great blogs and get traffic- tell your friends, and increase traffic. I slowed down blogging in August and my traffic dumped- but hey I was in Hawaii! 🙂

Stay progressive and grow your knowledge on the web- its the new black.


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Woah dude- you did pretty darn good for your first month, just telling friends. I found you through ypur AdGabber profile, so i guess your VIRAL suggestions with StumbleUpon can work in forums too. Great post E! 😉

Comment by Jeff Castillo

Yo- now I can start a blog. Your a blog nerd anyway, even though you have good hair.

Comment by Brian

Nice site you have

Comment by Jeryyms

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