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BREAKING NEWS: George W Bush and Osama are the same person

OMG, I just read on a trusted blog that George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden are the same person. If you don’t believe me, see the comparison picture:

This is Osama Bin Bush

This is Osama Bin Bush

Okay like I said, when reading online, credulous people need not believe everything you read, but this George W Bush as Osama pic is hilarious and believable. Now, if I come up missing, this is why: the Patriot Act allows FBI to come into my house for whatever reason and arrest me and not allow me to tell you that they arrested and interrogated me. Sounds like a good idea for them, but not for me.

Stay free of lies and liars and you will avoid being lied to.

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Yo E- what is the sub-text here? I know you and we’ve been talking so surely i know what you mean.

Comment by Ant

This is hilarious

BTW I noticed I’m not on your blogging list anymore. What’s up with that? lol

Comment by Brandi

Bush was responsible for are county’s twin towers i was in NYC when the towers suposivly fell it was a set up they denied bomb sniffing dogs 10 days before the event and the diamiter of what hit the pentigon was 9ft the sameplain crashed in switserland and it was over 270 ft in diamiter and there was an engine bodies seats were was all that at the pentigon. when i saw them fall i lived in hunts point in the bronx and i could hear the bombsgoing off from there. Also a good friend i have in Mannhatan said it looked like a controled demolition FUCK BUSH he killed a lot of good people carmawill fuck him hard are fellow americans beleive what u want I was there

Comment by bob cosa

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