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Im Forever 21 Guys and Dolls
October 2, 2008, 2:01 pm
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So today is my birthday, and many of my best and most “solid relationships,” with friends are showing their true colors. I got cards, emails and text messages up the wazoo. But, nobody knows my real age, but today on my personal blog Im going to debut it: I’m forever 21 guys and dolls!

Here is my plan for the day:

1) As CRR would say- play tennis

2) Drive to the coffee shop for a tasty cool cap

3) Stay home from work to rest and relax- watch Desperate Housewives online

4) Go to the studio for another match

5) Dinner later with friends

6) Lots of drinking and laughing

7) Go home to seek comfort with ‘my dude’ (this is a code name)

8) Sleep it off

I love being forever 21 guys and dolls. Here is a song that was dedicated to me:

My friends from China made this video just for me. My gift was in that box- it arrived yesterday with 500 million big macs. I think they were trying to see if they could kill me- Chinese sometimes have a crass sense of humor. They even celebrated on my behalf at a McDonalds in Bangkok- guess thats their way of appreciating my American culture. HAHHAHAHAHHA!

Stay forever 21 guys and dolls and keep your true friends close, even if they are in far off places.

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Oh my- you have me rolling right now E. I totally miss you, but at least I am one of your “solid relationships,” cause I sent a fuc-ing card. I dont send anyone shit, but you got love for life.

Have a great b-day. And whos “your dude?” I thought I was the only one you were dating. Im gonna call you later to decode that cryptic shit.

Tons of hugs and drugs- your boy,


Comment by Eric

Happy Birthday Fool!


Comment by Libras for life

Yay, your 21, again, forever 21. Dude your a trip. I cant wait to see you this weekend. Keep the love alive. You always make me feel so happy.

Now let me make you happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hahahahah, I’m so simple huh. See you Sunday lady.

Comment by Cece

Happy Birthday Ms. M. Your the funniest. Are you having a party for your 21st again? If so, why didnt you invite me????

Comment by Ant

Errrrr those Chinese friends called you “rovely” hahhahahahahahahhahaha. Your so funny and internationally known.

Happy B-day- stay fab!

Comment by Cindy

shit! i forgot! love you and happy birthday my sweet lad-eeeee

Comment by melissa

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