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Learning to use My Tools to Achieve Success

After college, well actually after like 15 years of education, I was supposed to be well equipped with tools to take on the “real world.” The question is, did you ever leave college feeling ready? I sure didn’t. Even though I felt prepared, I didn’t feel “ready.” I knew I had the tools to get out there and get a job, but I didn’t know what job, or what to expect once there.

How is it after all those years spent getting educated is one supposed to use all these tools to prepare for the real world and adulthood? Allow me to just say that after 5 and 1/2 years in New York trying to become an adult in the real world, it has not been easy. It has taken a lot of guts to face this whole real world thing on my own. I have had to win some and lose some along the way. I have had some good jobs come, and go. I have had some shitty jobs just to pay the bills, but I did it. Today I have discovered that I finally learned how to use the tools in my toolbox to achieve success.

With mentoring from bosses, both old and new; hard and soft, and a strong family backing me, I have learned so much about my tools. I have learned how to tune up my mind when I am down, and tune out my mind when I am being too critical or difficult on myself. I have learned to hear what other people are saying, but not always take it seriously. I have learned how to listen to what people are saying and find the meaning behind the words. I have learned, most importantly how to heal myself, respect myself, and set goals and boundaries for myself. I have learned how to reward myself, and discipline myself. I have learned never to be afraid, and never to give up.

For much of my youth I never really understood why it was so important to get an education, but now I realize the importance is to equip us less for the “real world” and more for reality. Reality of life can be harsh and also beautiful at the same time. From a bad experience can come a valuable lesson. A good experience can have an unexpected outcome. Experience helps birth the natural sagacity of what our tools our and how to use them. Learning how to use my tool box is a journey because with each new experience I become better equipped to discriminate between relations, form opinions and take advantage of all possibilities to tailor situations to the best possible outcome.

Here are the top 5 Laws of Success (quoted from Napoleon Hills new book The Laws of Success), which are also tools in your toolbox:

LAW OF SUCCESS #1: Tolerance– This tool will teach you how to make stepping stones out of all your past and future mistakes and failures.

LAW OF SUCCESS #2: The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For– This tool is one of the most important tools because it will teach you the Law of Increasing Returns, which will ensure a return far out of proportion to the service you render.

LAW OF SUCCESS #3: Self-Control– This tool is the “balance wheel” with which you control your enthusiasm and direct it where you wish it to carry you.

LAW OF SUCCESS #4: Habit of Saving– This tool will teach you how to distribute your income systematically so that a definite percentage of it will steadily accumulate.

LAW OF SUCCESS #5: Self-Confidence– This tool will help you to balance egotism and real self confidence, which is based upon definite usable knowledge.

Now, I know it does not seem easy, but stay focused on using your tools and success is sure to follow.

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