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Ever Wonder How to Quit Your Job?
November 21, 2008, 5:48 pm
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I just quit my job recently, of course to take a much better one. However I was kinda wondering how to quit. Since I felt the company was willy nilly all the while I worked there- I only  wanted give them one week. I had to discuss with my family and friends how to quit my job graciously. Here are the 3 tips I can offer you to graciously quit your job:

1) Provide the employer with a letter of resignation- do not say anything rude in the letter. In fact, tell the company how much you will miss the great things, even if there was not any. Also, when you do your exit interview, try not to bash the company, since your furture employer may call and HR might only have the record, not a recollection.

2) Be sure to take your possessions prior to quitting your job with the company. Take your Rolodex of numbers or make sure the numbers are stored. Take your process files or make sure they are backed up, and ditch everything that you or the company won’t need. Never steal or conceal important infomation because you dont want it to turn around and bite you in the ass.

3) Be sure to provide at least 2 weeks notice, depending on how valuable you are to the company. The only time I would suggest giving one week is if your new company demands it and it is worth it. In the event you want some vacation before you move on, tell the new company three weeks and give the old company two and you take one for yourself.

Well, to me these are the 3 most important tips to leverage when deciding how to quit your job. Remeber that dependoing on how wide or narrow your industry, yu will want to leave your company or organization with grace because if you ever bump into or report to one of these poieple in your next role, you may regret trreating them badly.

Stay focused because all good things come to those who work hard for it.

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