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The 3 Best Movies I Saw This Year

Just a quick note to all that the three best movies I saw this year were as follows:

1) Burn After Reading- Totally hilarious and I was really sad that the guy dies. I loved Brad Pitt, he was so funny. This movie has a great story line and could be so real in the world we live in today.

2) Sex and The City- Oh my what a great film this was. Partly because I just adore the show and partly because it was heartfelt, woman to women.

3) The Family that Preys- Wow this movie really moved me. I could totally connect with it. I recommend any friends who are struggling watch this movie so they can see that true friendship takes work.

I also really liked In Burgess, Pineapple Express, Henry Poole is Here, Get Smart, Tropic Thunder (which lost to with Burn After Reading by one vote) and The Hammer.

The 3 worst movies I saw this year are:

1) W. – Oliver tried to make Bush look like a man who does not know any better. Wrong movie Olly.

2) Step Brothers- Okay, this was supposed to be funny, but it was like 40 Year Old Virgin funny- too long and not funny.

3) Meet Dave- Ummm yeah this was dumb and Eddie needs to get some good movies or just go back to stand-up.

All in all, I read a lot of books about many different subjects, and watched a lot of movies online. If you are interested in learning about how to watch free movies online, read my blog post.

Stay focused on enjoying life, because it takes a lot of work to live.

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Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template … if you need any assistance customizing it let me know!

Comment by Rick Boyer

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