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Making Change is About Learning How to Make Change
July 11, 2010, 6:29 pm
Filed under: Healing for Hurt

Well I am finally back online, and here to tell you about how I made change since I lost blogged.


I started to think of all the time I was wasting in the nights after work and finally decided that I would use that time to build my own web business. I learned that my skills are marketable and I used networking as an avenue to build relationships and eventually clients.


I started a new job- this was one of the best changes I made in the last couple years, and partly what has kept me so busy. I work with some influential brands, and we are trying to build digital ambassadors of change in our consumer markets.


I got a pet- a grown up cat. She is a little funny grey and creame calico. She loves to hang out beside me and has really be a blessing.

It is the changes I made that have kept me from blogging, but let me tell you a thing or two about the benefits of making change. Change helps you feel renewed, and opens your life up to new and better feelings.  By making the right changes you are better able to move forward on your goals in life. From the experiences you have while making change, you can guide others on their journey, in your own little way.

Stay positive, and continue to learn how to make change!

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Yeh, you got a Starla! They make good, easy companions.

Comment by Liza Clary

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