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Making Change is About Learning How to Make Change
July 11, 2010, 6:29 pm
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Well I am finally back online, and here to tell you about how I made change since I lost blogged.


I started to think of all the time I was wasting in the nights after work and finally decided that I would use that time to build my own web business. I learned that my skills are marketable and I used networking as an avenue to build relationships and eventually clients.


I started a new job- this was one of the best changes I made in the last couple years, and partly what has kept me so busy. I work with some influential brands, and we are trying to build digital ambassadors of change in our consumer markets.


I got a pet- a grown up cat. She is a little funny grey and creame calico. She loves to hang out beside me and has really be a blessing.

It is the changes I made that have kept me from blogging, but let me tell you a thing or two about the benefits of making change. Change helps you feel renewed, and opens your life up to new and better feelings.  By making the right changes you are better able to move forward on your goals in life. From the experiences you have while making change, you can guide others on their journey, in your own little way.

Stay positive, and continue to learn how to make change!


Positive Energy Talk Radio Show Online

You my friends should definitely check out this positive energy talk radio show I found online. Doctor Antonia Martinez puts things into perspective – so that you can effectively rearrange your thoughts so you stop limiting and conditioning your thoughts. You think that was real and true, well check out her talk radio show online, here.

Stay focused, put things into perspective and change your conditioned mind!

Learning to use My Tools to Achieve Success

After college, well actually after like 15 years of education, I was supposed to be well equipped with tools to take on the “real world.” The question is, did you ever leave college feeling ready? I sure didn’t. Even though I felt prepared, I didn’t feel “ready.” I knew I had the tools to get out there and get a job, but I didn’t know what job, or what to expect once there.

How is it after all those years spent getting educated is one supposed to use all these tools to prepare for the real world and adulthood? Allow me to just say that after 5 and 1/2 years in New York trying to become an adult in the real world, it has not been easy. It has taken a lot of guts to face this whole real world thing on my own. I have had to win some and lose some along the way. I have had some good jobs come, and go. I have had some shitty jobs just to pay the bills, but I did it. Today I have discovered that I finally learned how to use the tools in my toolbox to achieve success.

With mentoring from bosses, both old and new; hard and soft, and a strong family backing me, I have learned so much about my tools. I have learned how to tune up my mind when I am down, and tune out my mind when I am being too critical or difficult on myself. I have learned to hear what other people are saying, but not always take it seriously. I have learned how to listen to what people are saying and find the meaning behind the words. I have learned, most importantly how to heal myself, respect myself, and set goals and boundaries for myself. I have learned how to reward myself, and discipline myself. I have learned never to be afraid, and never to give up.

For much of my youth I never really understood why it was so important to get an education, but now I realize the importance is to equip us less for the “real world” and more for reality. Reality of life can be harsh and also beautiful at the same time. From a bad experience can come a valuable lesson. A good experience can have an unexpected outcome. Experience helps birth the natural sagacity of what our tools our and how to use them. Learning how to use my tool box is a journey because with each new experience I become better equipped to discriminate between relations, form opinions and take advantage of all possibilities to tailor situations to the best possible outcome.

Here are the top 5 Laws of Success (quoted from Napoleon Hills new book The Laws of Success), which are also tools in your toolbox:

LAW OF SUCCESS #1: Tolerance– This tool will teach you how to make stepping stones out of all your past and future mistakes and failures.

LAW OF SUCCESS #2: The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For– This tool is one of the most important tools because it will teach you the Law of Increasing Returns, which will ensure a return far out of proportion to the service you render.

LAW OF SUCCESS #3: Self-Control– This tool is the “balance wheel” with which you control your enthusiasm and direct it where you wish it to carry you.

LAW OF SUCCESS #4: Habit of Saving– This tool will teach you how to distribute your income systematically so that a definite percentage of it will steadily accumulate.

LAW OF SUCCESS #5: Self-Confidence– This tool will help you to balance egotism and real self confidence, which is based upon definite usable knowledge.

Now, I know it does not seem easy, but stay focused on using your tools and success is sure to follow.

3 Positive Attitude Tips For Everyone Involved

She said: What do you mean there is perfectly good broccoli for dinner?!!?!!

How difficult is it to think positive when your spouse or mother gets home at the end of a long day steaming with anger. I’d say, its pretty difficult! Here are Positive Attitude Tips that will lead you to a better place. With these tips you and everyone involved will be much better off.


When your spouse or mother, friend or lover gets home from a long day and seems to be P.O-ed, you need to suggest they have some cool juice, or refreshing beverage to help cool their chest. Also offer either a hot, or cold hand towel to wipe their face and neck. Remind the, or yourself, that it was a long day and a moment to cool off should provide them relief and ability to come back to a positive place. Surely you didn’t do the dishes, or maybe you even made perfectly good broccoli for dinner, but the fact remains, they just want something to help them release all the steam generated from a long day in the hard world of the working wo/man. So, if you/they can’t take a dip in the cool water or warm spa during the work day, between 2 and 4PM, then I suggest everyone use this Positive Attitude tip.


Do you ever worry? When you worry, is it hard to think positive? Sure it is! So change your frame of mind from dead weight of negative thoughts like “Gosh I wish I didn’t get myself into this,” or “How do I get myself out of this”, and boost it with the moving power of positive thinking. Thoughts can change attitudes, if you think negative, your attitude follows, and with that your energy attracts those who are often in a similar mind frame. If you can enhance your thoughts from something harmful, to something healing and have a ten times better outcome with little to no effort, then you should agree that the road to positive thinking is worth it. I do, and I’ve seen it work. So, use tip number two, and think positive to change your attitude, and you will end up better off for yourself and your circumstance


Well folks- its simple. Eat Ital foods- foods from the earth and free of chemicals. Our attitude is governed by the energy we have, and when we eat foods that have vitamins and natural minerals, our body and our attitude can gain positive benefits. Of course you can sneak out for a McDonald’s burger every so often, you can even eat a burger every day if you take proper care of yourself in other ways. Moderation is the key to good eating habits, but surely Ital food is the key to a positive attitude

So in sum: When you stay cool, calm and Ital- you remain in the spirit of healing and positive thought!

Nuff Problems- Where will the People Go After

Jamaica has enough problems, from the inception of the people coming to this island- now they are slowly killing them by mining the Bauxite right out, and in doing so making people sick:


My heart lives in Jamaica, and it makes me furious to see this happening to such already impoverished people. What can we do? Who can they turn to if not their government? So much injustice in the world- who can we depend on. In the end, if might just be EACH OTHER.

Stay positive and all truth will be revealed.