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Do you ever Wonder What are the best cars to buy?
December 4, 2008, 5:44 pm
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So ya’ll, have you ever wondered what the best car to buy is, now that we are in a recession.

Take this poll to tell me if you drive a new or used car:

Car and Driver says the best cars to buy are used cars!

Stay focused, save money and buy smart- times are gonna get better, but play it safe til then!


Here are some Holiday Safety Tips
December 2, 2008, 4:19 pm
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Well I think there is a lot of stuff going on in the world today, from the US recession to the bombings in Mumbai. With that said, there is also more chaos closer to home. Last night I heard that a bus driver got stabbed because he would not give a BedStuy bus rider a transfer to another bus, when the driver already let the kid on for free. The kid stabbed the man, and killed him.

Now that I work near Rockefeller Center in a tall building without a stair case that I can find yet, I think about holiday safety tips for myself, and my peeps. Here are a few useful way to keep yourself safe in New York City and throughout the world this holiday season:

1) Avoid situations where conflict may arise. For example, if you are trying to push your way into a subway car and people are looking angry about it, just stop- step back, and await the next car. This goes for anyone anywhere that uses mass transit.

2) Avoid rushing- try to expect delays this holiday season. To stay safest, make sure that you give yourself enough time to get where you are going. If you rush, you push and shove people when you are walking, and everyone knows the streets of Time Square are filled with tourists this time of year.

3) Be courteous- first off WHY NOT- its better karma. Also, that death that happened at Nassau County Wal-Mart was totally wrong and if people had common courtesy instead of greed riddled hope for a discount, they may have spared a man his life.

4) Bring water- you never know what could happen to you- especially if your riding a train that gets stuck on an icy track. You really want to be prepared in case of an emergency, and if there’s a list of preparation needs, water is at the top.¬† So bring just a bottle at all times.

5) Always know your exists- whenever you are traveling it is a good idea to know where and how you can exit. When I ride the subway or walk along the streets of New York City, I know where to head if I need to find safety.

Enjoy! eNJOY! ENjoy! Whatever you do, have a safe holiday, and enjoy yourself. Don not let fear cloud your experience traveling or commuting or shopping or whatever, but just be prepared that not ever day is a walk in the park. With these holiday safety tips you are sure to be prepared.

Stay safe- and keep a positive mind- everything will be Cheerful and Joyous!

The 3 Best Movies I Saw This Year

Just a quick note to all that the three best movies I saw this year were as follows:

1) Burn After Reading- Totally hilarious and I was really sad that the guy dies. I loved Brad Pitt, he was so funny. This movie has a great story line and could be so real in the world we live in today.

2) Sex and The City- Oh my what a great film this was. Partly because I just adore the show and partly because it was heartfelt, woman to women.

3) The Family that Preys- Wow this movie really moved me. I could totally connect with it. I recommend any friends who are struggling watch this movie so they can see that true friendship takes work.

I also really liked In Burgess, Pineapple Express, Henry Poole is Here, Get Smart, Tropic Thunder (which lost to with Burn After Reading by one vote) and The Hammer.

The 3 worst movies I saw this year are:

1) W. – Oliver tried to make Bush look like a man who does not know any better. Wrong movie Olly.

2) Step Brothers- Okay, this was supposed to be funny, but it was like 40 Year Old Virgin funny- too long and not funny.

3) Meet Dave- Ummm yeah this was dumb and Eddie needs to get some good movies or just go back to stand-up.

All in all, I read a lot of books about many different subjects, and watched a lot of movies online. If you are interested in learning about how to watch free movies online, read my blog post.

Stay focused on enjoying life, because it takes a lot of work to live.

Ever Wonder How to Quit Your Job?
November 21, 2008, 5:48 pm
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I just quit my job recently, of course to take a much better one. However I was kinda wondering how to quit. Since I felt the company was willy nilly all the while I worked there- I only  wanted give them one week. I had to discuss with my family and friends how to quit my job graciously. Here are the 3 tips I can offer you to graciously quit your job:

1) Provide the employer with a letter of resignation- do not say anything rude in the letter. In fact, tell the company how much you will miss the great things, even if there was not any. Also, when you do your exit interview, try not to bash the company, since your furture employer may call and HR might only have the record, not a recollection.

2) Be sure to take your possessions prior to quitting your job with the company. Take your Rolodex of numbers or make sure the numbers are stored. Take your process files or make sure they are backed up, and ditch everything that you or the company won’t need. Never steal or conceal important infomation because you dont want it to turn around and bite you in the ass.

3) Be sure to provide at least 2 weeks notice, depending on how valuable you are to the company. The only time I would suggest giving one week is if your new company demands it and it is worth it. In the event you want some vacation before you move on, tell the new company three weeks and give the old company two and you take one for yourself.

Well, to me these are the 3 most important tips to leverage when deciding how to quit your job. Remeber that dependoing on how wide or narrow your industry, yu will want to leave your company or organization with grace because if you ever bump into or report to one of these poieple in your next role, you may regret trreating them badly.

Stay focused because all good things come to those who work hard for it.

Is Google Powered by Search Engine Optimization, SEO?

Alright, have you asked yet what powers Google search results? Maybe you think its the people searching, or the content or maybe a web sites technology…. But did you ever realize that is may involve Meta Tags, algorithms and strategies too? All of these are just some of the ingredients that power Googles search results. Now, maybe you are a business owner, or a blogger or perhaps just an Internet Marketing professional, like me, and you are starting to explore the question “what powers Google,” and all the other major search engines nobdy cares about…

Here is a short list and explanation of some of the key ingredients to achieving success in searches powered by Google:

1) Define a targeted set of keywords, not every possible keyword in the world that you think people might search. Trust me, they don’t. There are keyword research tools that can be used to help you know what keywords are competitive to rank for in Google, and what keywords are easy, in all the other D list engines.

2) If you are a small business owner make sure you optimize every page of your web site with unique META tags- these tags include Title, Description, Keyword, ALT and H1/H2 tags. If you are a blogger, META tags are not an easy strategy, unless you can access the source code of every web page, but you can try to focus your page level content around a specific set of keywords. Also use tag clouds, for bloggers and web site owners, if it fits the business model- this can help increase the natural frequency of keywords on the page. The overall goal of META tags is to get indexed into the search engine for a sub-set of keywords. Title tags are the blue line you read when you see the keyword search results powered by Google.

3) Begin a keyword targeted link building campaign using 3rd party web sites and vertical directories, both free and paid depending on your budget. Free directories include Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). sites A good example of B2B is, and of course B2C is

4) Make sure your web pages have a strong interlinking staretgy. a good way to interlink the pages of your web site is through footer links that are keyword rich. The links help the search engine robot, or Googlebot crawling your web pages. The easier it is for a robot to crawl your links and find new pages, the more the robot trusts your site.

5) Create SEO focused keyword rich content that is highly resourceful to the clients you service, or topic you represent. Your web site content should use your keywords in a strategic way that helps the search engine find every page relevant and want to serve it to a searcher on Google as a result.

So maybe you don’t care what powers Google search engine results pages, or SERPs as we Internet Marketing gurus refer to it. However, if you ever want to own an online business, or have any successful accomplishments with an online resource in search engine results, these ingredients will become increasingly important to your bottom line

Stay focused and remain empowered to seek knowledge- power you can achieve!

Shifty Corporate Jobs
October 22, 2008, 8:13 pm
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I have one- and there have been so many layoffs.

Take my poll:

Stay focused and you can overcome!

Have These People Gone Mad or Just Dumb?
October 17, 2008, 6:39 am
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Please watch this and tell me what is a first stringer? And ummm… then answer my survey regarding our future President:

At least one guy in this video has some f–king sense, which leads to my poll:

Stay posiitve, we can change!