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Had a Bad Day? I Had a Bad Day

I had a bad day, but not like this guys

…but Im going to be triumphant and work through the struggle of learning and maturing. Just because I had one bad day doesn’t mean I cannot learn from the experience, but still trust in myself. Sometimes people can make you lose sight of yourself because they want you to fear them and their little control mechanism. I know that I take my work very seriously and I want to succeed. We are all under a great deal of pressure to perform, but it is better to have leadership and encouragement than fear based managing and disconnected strategies that keep us going in circles.

Despite having a bad day, I still want what is right for the company to grow, but for my strategies to be most effective we need proper planning, cohesive action and integrated analysis. Anyway, whatever the case- I cant take the fear based managing, the talking out of two sides of your neck and the “you don’t get what I’m saying” themed reaction, which usually means “You’re so pointing out my bullshit right now- SHUT IT!” So basically, I call bullshit and you get defensive. See, that why I had a bad day!

Stay positive about the outcome of the outcome will be a lesson in the end.