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Whats up with YOU- Addicted to Twitter?

So, I was just thinking about what I wanna post a blog about, and while I was brainstorming, I was also updating my Twitter feed. Then, I suddenly realized I was having additive Twitter bug tendencies. Yes, I just kept updating about what I was doing. First, I was just mentioning my plan to interview people in BK tomorrow. My girl and I are going to hit the United Way Day of Action awareness walk in NYC. The walk invites NYC residents and surrounding boroughs to walk to help bring awareness regarding social issues that impact the people of the five boroughs of New York City. Our goal is to interview people regarding the social issues they are passionate about and their take on factors that may be stunting their communities.

Anyway, after Twitting on about my plans and possible Twitter followers suggestions for interview questions, I turned on iTunes. As the smoke unfurled, I thought more about my objective for this blog post. Then this song came on- the Pete Rock album Petestrumentals-the song was called Nothing Lesser. It opens with a remix done by a crew called the U.N. – UN or U OUT. UN is a fresh, but little known underground hip-hop group born and raised out of Hempstead NY, otherwise known as Long Island. So hearing the voice of my youth, Dino Brave, I suddenly Twitted about the song. I was totally feeling it and as a Twitter addict, I wanted to share it with the other Twits who follow my updates. The thing is, people want to know whats what around the world- and at that moment in time, it was bliss in my world…and still is; Pete Rocks Throw Backs are where it’s at! WuRD…

After all the tweeting finally ceased I had to pull myself away from my Twitter addiction, and get back into focus on blogging- ha total geek ain’t I :)! Honestly, I have been super busy, which is all good. Since I came back from Hawaii I have really had to focus on projects. Actually, I was supposed to hire a newbie at work, but then corporate cut that budget. It is not that bad because I have staying power. Obviously I concluded what to write my blog about- its gonna be about whats up with E. I been doing quite a lot of new and exciting activities, but I am only going to post a short list, since on you cannot write articles on Twitter.

Like I said, there has been a lot of cool stuff happening in my world, but heres the top 3 plus one (not including that Hawaii trip) πŸ™‚ :

  1. Friday through Sunday first weekend in Sept (not labor day). I was invited to the Hamptons. What a most glorious place. Only about 3 hours away from New York City, but on Long Island, the Hampstons can be my home away from home anytime. My stay was wonderfully relaxing and provided a plush atmosphere. I stayed with a friend and her friends, and their friends- we were one big happy family. The house was pretty good sized, with beds and bedrooms for each set of friends. There was a TV in my room, which was super since I do not use TV in my own home (since Lent of 2007). Anyway, the pool was so beautiful and the huge jacuzzi bathtub was a respite from the hustle and flow of my busy NYC lifestyle; loves it. The beach was super sunny and cool. We met Erin and her family. She let us use the kayak to go out on the Bay. We all had good old fashioned fun in the sun! I give this activity 3 thumbs up! πŸ˜‰
  2. Thursday in August my friends and I went to see HAIR in Central Park. We drank a little wine, and chilled, then enjoyed an eclectic performance of hippies and naked people and wild dancing druggies. If you’ve never seen HAIR it was a play from the ’60s all about war, race, freedom, hippies, sex, love, drugs, war and sex. I give this activity 5 stars.
  3. This Friday night- Chelsea Piers with a few co-workers and then some. I have never been to the Piers in NYC, and tonight the Chelsea Brewery was having an international beer festival. So, you buy these tickets in groups of 20, and use them to purchase different beers from around the world, and of course local beers too. With beers from Warwick NY down to Brooklyn, some were super like Milley’s Tennessee, but others were foul tasting like this sour Belgian brand. Well, I am glad to have experienced Chelsea Piers. PS- I truly love walking through NYC, although I cannot endure it full time (need to go back West, Westchester that is), it can be quite breathtaking at times.
  4. is 3 Plus One: Finally, I have had a few good outings to lunch and dinner with good people in my circle. I really want to send them a cyber thank you for seeing me into the coming of my Eastern age, 30. Whatever the future has and holds, I trust that good people are around me. I intend to enjoy these people, and share and learn from and with them. I thank you friends, near and far for the gifts, both positive and negative, that have impacted my life on behalf of our relationship. OMG: that was so “The Hills,” guess Chris was right, we are what we watch. Look out slugger- or I’ll give you the old 1 two, like I give these experience. It is only once, or maybe even twice in a lifetime that you find such good friends to share the birth of your life experiences.

Okay, so tomorrow is a new day and I can update Twitter again. If anyone wishes to set up an account, or has one already, hit me up and lets Tweet! πŸ˜‰ WAIT, it is tomorrow already so I can get a head start. Since it is a new day for me, I have to get ready to take it on. But, before I sign off, can I just say that my heart is healing and my mind is expanding. The world is changing, and a coming of consciousness is upon us. Keep your eyes to the soul and your heart to the spirit, and all the rest of your actions will fall in line.

Stay tuned in and your next step will be just as you planned, and then you can Tweet about it to the world! πŸ™‚

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